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The Traveling Carnies

Meet the Traveling Carnies, an independent sketch comedy group that is not extreme, edgy or bold – just outrageously funny. The Traveling Carnies have produced shorts, half-hour episodes, mockumentaries and much more. The Carnies foremost objective is to fuse irreverent sketch comedy with character driven situational comedy. By combining these two styles, the Carnies have created an innovative showcase for their comedic debauchery.

The Traveling Carnies formed in the summer of 2000. Since 2001, the Carnies have been delivering their unique brand of comedy from Orlando, Florida. In 2004, they released a five episode DVD which was accepted to the New York Independent Film & Video Festival.
In 2007, the Carnies began production on what promises to be their most ambitious work to date. With a new website and a new slate of videos, the Carnies will continue to share their eccentric comedic talents with the world.